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🠈  About Gila Color  🠊

Gila Color is a part of the Arizona Color project. The goal of this project is simply to raise community awareness and promote locally focused web development by creating directories and calendars for the mountain west.

Arizona is conveniently divided into 15 counties. So I divided this directory into counties with one notable exception: I used the subdomain Phoenix for Maricopa County. I use the subdomain for Gila County.


The site is a one person sole proprietorship. This helps me keep costs low. Even so, I need to pay for an internet connection and monthly web hosting fees.

In my original design, I included affiliate ads. The idea was that the large advertisers would pay for a site that gave free links to locals. The affiliate networks tend to be intrusive; So, in my 2017 redesign of the site, I decided to give locals the opportunity to displace the affiliates

The ad is a 728x90 placement in the upper fold of the page. There is at most one ad per page.

I defined about 50 ad targets. I assign each page a target. So, a real estate broker from Globe could buy an ad placement on realty related web sites in Gila County.

My goal at this point is to build up a sizeable ad inventory. I charge the super low price of $25.00 for 100,000 page views. (I charge $12.50 for a fixed duration ad but can't guarantee a large number of page views.) This is a super low 25¢ CPM. The catch, of course, is that it takes a very long time to display all of the ads.

I invite businesses, blogs and organizations from Arizona to order ads. The ad is either 728x90 image or two lines of text (see ad above). If I approve the ad; I will send you a paypal bill showing you the placement with an estimation of the time needed to display the ad 100,000 times. If you like the placement; pay the bill. If not I will removed the ad after a week or so.

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